Over the years I have shot many homes for real estate agents, professional builders, hotels and private business. The photographs are typically used for the same purpose … to give a consistent professional presentation of the property or business. It is well known that first impressions are important. The images first seen by a potential client can quickly influence their interest. That is why for years Realtors and business owners have hired Woodhouse Photography to create great images of their services and investments.

For an extra fee I can shoot video and create a final video product (with your branding) ready for services like YouTube.

A few more notable clients include:

As long as a home is in the area of the Kawartha’s, a 3,000 square foot home shoot typically runs $100. $80 for a smaller residence.  No HST.  For a larger residence, cost is negotiable.  For an extra fee I can shoot video and create a final video product ready for services like YouTube.  In all cases I recommend you give the images to the home owners when done as an added value.  They will appreciate the gift and it adds value to your expense with me.

All shoots include:

  • Travel to and from the location (as long as it is in the Kawartha region);
  • When doing the shoot the use of extra photography strobes (if needed) and if necessary multiple exposures of the same scene (High Dynamic Range photography) to accommodate very challenging lighting;
  • Custom colour balance of the images as I shoot to ensure colour accuracy (the mixed lighting in a home can create very inconsistent presentation if not handled correctly);
  • After the shoot, editing every single image to ensure there is no distortion (common in wide angle photography and noticeable on door frames and windows). Also, my editing entails any further colour correction and adjustments of highlights and shadows to bring out the greatest amount of detail possible in each photo;
  • Electronic delivery of the final edited high resolution (print ready) images. I offer several methods for delivering the final digital images to my clients. The most common is the use of my Dropbox, however I can work with a client to host the files in my private client gallery area on my website.  But over the years the free service of Dropbox has worked great;
  • If requested, licensing rights of the work I create can be transferred to my clients (i.e. a business who wishes to use the images for repeated advertising)

To view my property PORTFOLIO, click this link.

With my years of experience providing professional photography services for weddings, families, Realtors and business owners, I offer a cost effective and reliable service to those that understand the value of quality photography. Contact me via my contact page.

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