One on One

Fun Private Lessons for Everyone!

Interested in taking a digital photography course but have a challenging schedule or prefer the benefits of a one-on-one session? Adam offers both group and one-on-one introductory to advanced digital photography and Photoshop workshops!

Photography Instruction

My photography one-one-one workshops are completely customized to what you are interested in learning. Whether it is how to use your camera in Manual mode, improving your success rate in focusing, understanding how the cameras exposure meter works, demystifying the histogram or the highlight blow-out feature of your camera … I’m here to help. In the past some of my students are interested in an introductory session to become more familiar with their new DSLR or mirrorless camera, where others are wanting something more specialized like off-camera flash, high dynamic range (HDR) shooting and processing techniques or an introduction to Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Private lessons are $50/hour and typically run in 2 hour blocks.

Photoshop Instruction

The Photoshop one-on-one workshops are also completely customized to what you wish to cover in either Lightroom, Photoshop Elements or to the latest Photoshop CC. Most are looking for a basic understanding of the application so they can get started in using the tool and not be so overwhelmed with all of the features of the software. Before a one-on-one session for any software product I review what it is you wish to cover. In most cases I go to the clients home so that they can do the work on their own computer, but if you have a laptop we can meet somewhere else. In our time together we review all of the agenda items we discussed before hand plus a few extra items I add that I feel you would benefit from. Whether it is how to use the Adobe Camera RAW tools for processing either JPG or RAW image, how to use layers in Photoshop or how I sort my high volume of images or my monitor colour calibration tools … I’m here to share and help. Computer/Photoshop one-one-one lessons are also $50/hour and typically run in 2 hour blocks.

If you are looking for one-one-one specialized help with your photography or photo editing software, I’m here to help!

I work on both Windows and Mac computers daily, so I am comfortable working with you on your own system of choice. I also have extensive experience using full frame, crop sensor and mirror-less cameras. 

Please touch base through my Contact page to check on my availability and ask any questions you have.


 Past Students

Derrick (Photography)

Hi Adam, having gone through your Private Lesson at my home, I was quite impressed with your complete knowledge of the Nikon D610 and all of its characteristics. This process makes it so much more simple for me to operate this new camera and to be aware as to all of the things this camera is capable of. I believe the hands on approach is so very much better, and I more than appreciate your efforts. I further appreciate your follow up Recap of all the Highlights pertaining to my camera, I have a good memory, it doesn't seem to last as long as it once did!! I firmly believe that this is a good service that you are offering, and highly recommend it, for all levels of the art of photography.

Anna (Photography)

Many thanks for your patience and skill yesterday in giving me the information I needed in a manner I could absorb! I came home with my brain bulging, and put my camera away. This morning I picked it up when a flock of up to a hundred redpolls arrived, buzzing around like fleas, and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I couldn’t stop long enough to reply to your email until now!

Don (Photoshop)

Adam, I enjoyed this course and learned a great deal from it. Trial and error combined with your class instruction/coaching and my notes, all helped to reinforce the learning topics … I really liked how you took a very rich program like Photoshop and broke it down into practical, useful-every-day elements for the casual home user like myself … of all the basic elements in the course, the continual emphasis by you on the critical importance of Levels and how they interacted with each other was, for me, the most important. I appreciated your frequent reminders and tips about this idea of layering. … I appreciated how you linked in the evening’s techniques to your own work as a commercial photographer. It was easier to see how the technique could be used practically and effectively outside of the classroom …. it was an enjoyable and instructive course for me and I intend to continue working away on my own photos for fun and not any profit! I am thinking that I may also have to get myself a new digital camera and give up my point-and-shoot HP Photosmart.