The Muskoka lakeside wedding of Stefanie & Tom

Mid August I had the pleasure of heading up to the beautiful eastern edge of the Muskoka region to the rural town of Dorset. The drive to Dorset from the Buckhorn area is beautiful. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided that on this Saturday we should be treated to rain … and lots of it.

As the day progressed, luck was on Stefanie and Tom’s side. Come the time of their lakeside ceremony the rain had eased up a bit and as the day progressed the rain held off for the remainder of the day! This was very lucky since they had setup several small shelters for the reception which would have been quite difficult to use for their ceremony if it was needed. But since the rain let up, they had a great ceremony on their dock and an even greater dance under the stars.

Stefanie and Tom’s very private wedding had many creatively done elements.  From a welcome sign on the highway greeting their guests, one-of-a-kind fans for the guests that also had the schedule of the day incorporated into them, to mini-canoes as thank you gifts … signs of their hard work (with help from family) were everywhere.  Both Tom and Stefanie participate in Jiu Jitsu (which is how they met), so it was cute to see this incorporated into their wedding cake topper.  Another element of Stefanie and Tom’s day that was unique was they did a private ring exchange before the ceremony.  Also, at this time Tom put Stefanie’s necklace on for her.  Another fun element to their ceremony was once the signing of the documents was complete, Tom paddled Stefanie away in the family canoe.  The entire day was a lot of fun and a very cottage wedding.